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Tampa, FL
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Chris Davenport
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Hi there, I’m Chris! I’m an army combat veteran turned engineer living in Tampa, Florida. My entire life has revolved around creating and building things. As the son of a carpenter, it’s in my blood. As a child, I would spend hours playing with Legos and Erector sets. Growing up I learned woodworking from my dad and took welding classes in school. When I returned from Afghanistan in 2012, I went back to college to finish my engineering degree and got a corporate job. I quickly realized the corporate life wasn't for me and now I work full time on my passion for designing and building. I have two crazy, wonderful dogs, Cora and Tilly. Cora is a 6 year old Australian Shepard who is too smart for her own good. Tilly is a 5.5 year old rescue, spaniel/lab mix, who is the most chill easy going dog you'll ever meet. I'd love to share your pictures of my products in their new homes! If you would like, please email me pictures to chris@davenportsdogs.com to be featured on my social media pages. Also follow me on Instagram @DavenportsDogs Thanks for checking out my shop! -Chris Davenport