Pastel Rainbow Cake Jewelry Set, Pastel Rainbow Cake Necklace, Pastel Rainbow Cake Earrings, Kawaii Pink Cake Jewelry Necklace Earrings
Have your cake and wear it too with this realistic pastel rainbow cake jewelry set. Wear all the colors of the pastel rainbow in cake form with your favorite kawaii outfit. This rainbow cake jewelry set has got all the cuteness of a real cake with none of the calories. The pastel rainbow cake necklace pendant has 2 slices cut out of it that are served up as pastel rainbow cake earrings. A lot of attention is put into the creation of the cakes to give them the realistic sponge look of real cake slices. They are even topped with a creamy light pink frosting. The cake as a whole before cutting measures 1 inch across. The ball chain necklace is made from aluminum and is 18 inches long.