Freedom Popsicle Earrings, The Bomb Pop Earrings, Rocket Pop Earrings, Firecracker Popsicle Earrings, Red White and Blue Popsicle Earrings
These red white and blue popsicle earrings have a stunning fresh from the freezer look. whether you call them freedom pops, the bomb pop, rocket pop or firecracker popsicles your ears will look super cool with these realistic popsicle earrings. Not to worry though, they wont melt. By happy accident the wooden sticks are slightly stained blue just like the real thing. These are great for wearing all summer long, especially if you are like me and eat the real popsicles all summer long. Each of these charms are handmade from polymer clay without the use of molds so each one is unique but cute as any other I make.