Toaster Pastry Charm Bracelet, Cookies and Cream, Cinnamon, Cherry, Hot Fudge Sundae, Strawberry, Wild Berry, Toastser Tart, Toaster Pop
When You cant decide on your favorite toaster pastry flavor wear them all with pride! This adorable yet realistic toaster pastry charm bracelet features 6 delicious flavors. -Cookies and Cream -Cinnamon -Cherry -Hot Fudge Sundae -Strawberry -Wild Berry ***Bracelet length shown is 7 inch. Charm spacing will look different with different lengths.*** ***Don't see your favorite flavor? Ask about a custom order. I can switch charms out or add an extra charm for a little extra cost.*** Each toaster pastry charm is unique since they are handmade without the use of molds. A "bite" is taken out of each toaster tart to reveal the yummy filling and crust textured to give them a realistic look.