Organic Catnip Blankets - Bobcats
These handmade catnip blankets are made with love and the best organic catnip. These potent smelling blankets will excite your cat and give them a comfy blanket to lay on. We have multiple color options available and each piece of fabric is washed in pet-friendly laundry detergent. These blankets are sold in local Michigan pet stores to rave reviews! One side of the blanket is a cotton patterned fabric, with available options listed. The other side of the blanket is made of fleece and the fabric is chosen to match the color scheme of the pattern side. These blankets will not disappoint. -Blankets are 12"X17", perfect size for your cat to lay on and play with! -Blankets are loaded with premium, locally grown, potent, organic catnip! -Blankets are non-refillable