Galaxy Cuff
Simple cuff bracelet is adorned with a scattering of crescent moons and stars. ✰ Bracelets may have small imperfections and softened edges due to hammering and forming the bracelet. Each letter will not be perfectly centered or the exact depth as every other. This is a purposeful part of the look of this bracelet. ✰ Bracelet is adjustable and will fit up to approximately an 8 inch wrist. Just gently pull or squeeze it to achieve a perfect fit. ✰ These little bracelets are deceptively strong, despite being very lightweight and flexible. ✰ Bracelets are made of 100% aluminum. ✰ Bracelets do not tarnish or corrode and are so light, you forget you're even wearing them. ✰ Aluminum can often be worn even by those who have problems wearing other metals, without any adverse reaction.