The Earth Has Music Cuff Set
A lovely quote from George Santayana has been hammered into metal to make this earthy three bracelet set. These bracelets are extra beautiful when the light hits them and changes the color of the copper and brass. Bracelets are copper, brass and sterling silver. Cuffs are somewhat flexible and slightly adjustable. It is advised that you do not wear copper or brass in water. ✰✰ NOTE ✰✰ ✰ Letters are stamped, one by one, into the metal, then bracelets are formed by hand. Bracelets are then filed around the edges to smoothness and polished by hand. ✰ Bracelets may have small imperfections and softened edges due to hammering and forming the bracelet. Each letter will not be perfectly centered or the exact depth as every other. This is a purposeful part of the look of this bracelet, and I feel that it makes them more interesting and unique. ✰ Bracelets are 6 inches in length, 1/4 of an inch wide, and are slightly flexible and adjustable. Just gently pull or squeeze it to achieve a perfect fit. It is best, as with anything adjustable, to find a size you like and then only adjust it when necessary to avoid weakening the metal. ✰ Bracelets fit up to approximately a 9 inch wrist