Dark Antique Blue Snap Frame Crochet Coin Purse
crochet by hook & designed by me >BLE handmade by me Update on 8-13-2016--I decided to add by crochet, an edging to the top of my crochet coin purse, to give it a more enhanced look. however I left the other pics up, the ones that it used to look like without the edging I crochet and design all my coin purses, using the best quality Snap Frames & Cotton Crochet Threads. Each purse is created using my very own fancy stitch no two are alike in the creation, however the edging on each one along the frame are very much the same. item- trapezoid shape crochet coin purse deep pocket holds money ,cards, change. features- 3"metal snap frame closure materials- made using 2- colors dmc mercerized crochet quality cotton threads held together size- purse-3.5" deep by 4" @ widest end colors- antique blue/black date- started Jun-9 finished Jun 14-2014