Collectible Crochet Doll Pink 5/Point Star Christmas Tree Doll On @Cyicrochet
Hello Welcome to Maggie My Crochet Cotton Thread Item, Christmas Tree Doll, She Is Crocheted From Top To Bottom, She is adorned with colorful Christmas Applique Bulbs, She is topped with A crochet 5 Point Start, Tree & Star Stands 4.25" All items Named are Crocheted - tree, star, eyes, lids, pupil, nose, lips, shoes, legs-applique bulbs, white edging around the top portion of legs, she is stuffed with cluster stuff fiber fill. Everything crocheted was carefully arranged and hand sewn to tree. She is adorned with various colors, white/peach/greens/pinks/reds/lavender/variegated brown/yellow/brown/mocha cream. she was created in Dec 2017. Crocheted By Me But Not My Design. However I did alter it by adding the big lips and the star topper. Not a Toy!!! Item is For Doll Collectors