Pair Of Crochet Red/Ecru Chain 5_ Link Loop  Earrings
*Note == Because These are Raw Brass Lever Back Ear Wires, They Will Tarnish Over Time. *Refer To Date I Created these Earrings, Thank You! the tighter the stitches the more durability you have in a knit or crochet product so my natural ability serves me by creating each one of my products using this concept, thereby producing an item worthy of its strength by providing the density to hold its shape with each condensed stitch. I wanted to create something trendy in earring jewelry, so without much thought but hard work I decided to create a line of various numbered dangling crochet chain link loop earrings, and to my sweet surprise they came to be the most spectacular earrings in the crochet market. it would be a mistake for customers not to indulge in such beautiful ear wear. note : I made these earrings using delicate lever back raw brass ear wires they are attached by crocheting through the loop of the ear wire onto the crochet work of the earring loop. Design & Crochet By BLE Item - Crochet Chain Link 5 loops each Earring Materials - Quality Dmc Mercerized Crochet Cotton Threads -- Raw brass lever back ear wires Colors - Red/ Ecru Size - 2.5" totally length ea. loop = 1/2" diameter Date - Started April 5 finished April 8 - 2015 These are The words Used By The seller Purchased from GlamourGirlBeads To Describe the Quality Of Her Product-- From Which I Bought My Raw Brass Lever Back Ear Wires Excellent quality! Details DMC Cebelia is a superior quality crochet thread made from combed cotton. DMC Cebelia is 100% colorfast and fade resistant. During the manufacturing process, the thread is combed, singed by flame and then double mercerized. It is this double mercerizing which gives it its brilliance and strength. Lead, and nickel Free Brass is a mixture, or alloy, of the base metals copper and zinc. There are lots of reasons to consider using brass in your designs, including its affordable price, stylish antiqued look, ease of use, and hypoallergenic nature.