Crochet Hanging  Variegated Doily Dream Catcher W/Flower Tail  & Curly Cue Tip
@@@ I Crocheted this intricate doily from a pattern using Quality 6 cord cotton brilliant tatting threads,( Dmc ,Lizbeth). I then attached it to a 13" brass metal ring, via, SC stitch, I then Crocheted the flowers separately and attached them into formation, creating a tail effect and lastly added the curly cue to the tip. Also added a crochet loop For Hanging Your Beautiful Dreamcatcher. Thank You For Looking!! Item-- Crochet Doily and Flower Tail plus hanging loop Material-- DMC, Lizbeth Cotton 6 - Cord Brilliant Tatting Threads -Brass Metal Ring Size-- 13" Brass Ring, 5" Flower Tail total = 18" loop not included in measurement colors - from greens to variegated yellows/pinks Date -- Started April 22 Finished May 25 2017 To get best effect hang in a bright location