Pair Of Crochet Gold/Tawny 13_Chain Link Loop Earrings
*Note == Because These are Raw Brass Lever Back Ear Wires, They Will Tarnish Over Time. *Refer To Date I Created these Earrings, Thank You! Design / Crochet by B.L.E that's me Item - Pair Of Crochet Chain Link earrings each has 13 Loops Materials - Lizbeth 100% Egyptian cotton thread 6 cord size 80 --- dmc mercerized cotton thread colors - gold /Tawny size- earrings 3.75" total length - 24/ small chain loops 1/4" Diameter 2- large chain Loops 1/4" diameter date - Started April - 28 -- Finished May - 3 -2015 These are The words Used By The seller Purchased from GlamourGirlBeads To Describe the Quality Of Her Product-- From Which I Bought My Raw Brass Lever Back Ear Wires Excellent quality! Details Lead, and nickel Free Brass is a mixture, or alloy, of the base metals copper and zinc.There are lots of reasons to consider using brass in your designs, including its affordable price, stylish antiqued look, ease of use, and hypoallergenic nature.