What do we mean by “Truly Natural?” ~~No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) because these products have been shown to cause severe skin irritation among other more serious conditions especially in our Lead Alchemist who has an uncommon type of eczema that cannot stand these and many other harsh detergents. We just say stay steer clear if you can! ~~No phthalates - which means no artificial fragrances, all of our scents are from plant-derived essential oils. Science has suggested natural essences have been used in perfumery since before the time of Mesopotamia, while artificial fragrances have only been around since the early 1700’s! Now just because they're from plants doesn't mean you won't have a reaction, anything can cause a reaction, always do a patch test or consult your physician. ~~No dyes, or other artificial colors. Absolutely lovely colors abound in Nature, from completely *vegan* sources and have been used for thousands of years, why mess with a great thing?! ~Some of our more commonly used colorants are: different types of clays, madder root, powdered indigo, paprika, cocoa powder, coffee, safflower threads, spirulina, sea kelp & activated bamboo charcoal. ~~No parabens – which means no artificial preservatives. New soap will last for well over a year if kept properly. Our perfumes & lotions have high levels of naturally occurring Vitamin E as well as being made with completely sanitized instruments and packaging. ~~We use food-grade Sodium Hydroxide the same kind that is used in making authentic German soft pretzels & Norwegian lutefisk! Impurities in some lye products may include higher than safe levels of mercury so even though it's not the cheapest lye source, it's the best! ~~Cephalopoda Sundries provides a completely palm oil-free line. While it is one of the best oils for use in soap, the harvesting of palm oil from such highly bio-diverse areas of the world as Borneo and Sumatra has been linked to the complete destruction of entire ecosystems which are home to the highest numbers of endangered plants and animals including one of our closest genetic relatives, the orangutan. Unethical palm oil plantations consider these gentle creatures to be pests and have pushed them to the brink of extinction by killing them and/or selling them in the illegal animal trades, among other atrocities. The indigenous people of these areas are often forced to work in the plantations for too little pay, under unsafe conditions, because their previous livelihoods were stamped out by the very same palm oil production operations they are then indentured to. We simply cannot abide these actions and as such, don’t want any palm oil in any of our products, regardless of the source - there are sustainable source groups out there so do your homework if you decide to use products that contain this highly-controversial product. ~~Many of the herbs we use are grown by us without pesticides. When we do buy herbs and other additives we try to buy local & organic, although we always do our research, because being USDA Organic Certified does not necessarily mean it’s good for the environment or you! Always do your research! ~~Every single product is always HUMAN tested on OURSELVES! And a sample of every product batch is tested by us! Never any animal testing. Even if it’s a blend of scents we’re not fans of, we try them out! ~~ Natural is great. It's the basis of our entire philosophy! That said, not everything that is natural is good for you! Hemlock, foxglove and poison oak are all natural but you should never eat, or touch them. Even if something is good for the majority of people it doesn't mean that every person will have a positive reaction, that's why we urge you to do a patch test of our products if you are worried or questioning it's effects or components. If it's just colorants and essential oils that bother or worry you, but you still want to try our products try our Argonaut bar, it's scent and colorant free! If you'd like to have a special batch made up, we can do that too! Contact ~~Why aren't your soaps vegan? - We use upcycled silk in our formulas. This adds to the smooth texture and 'slip' it gives a razor, have you tired shaving with one of our bars? It's heavenly! But it also means we can't officially designate it as 'vegan'. ~~Official Disclaimer: Any information on this site with regards to ingredients used, products developed from said ingredients, recipes or ideas/opinions of owner/operator is/are intended for educational purposes only. This information it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate. None of the claims have been verified by the FDA. ~~Words of wisdom: love and be loved. :) Shipping: WE DO NOT CURRENTLY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, BUT HOPE TO BE ABLE TO SOON! Please send a request to be notified once we start to Orders are sent out via USPS the first Thursday after they are placed. Unfortunatly orders from Etsy & my main site cannot be combined at this time Returns: Due to the nature of our product, WE CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS OF ANY KIND (that includes exchanges). Should a product arrive damaged or in an unsatisfactory condition, contact us within one week after receiving it, we would love to work with you to come to some sort of resolution. Miscellaneous: Wholesale orders are a welcome possibility please contact with your enquiry. Please don't send requests for free samples, we provide at least one with every order. Also, understand that the 'we' is actually me. One person. And I can only do so much in a day! I have a full time and a part time job besides this, but you and your concerns as a customer do matter to me! Just be patient I will get back to you just as soon as is humanly possible! :)

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