Handmade Mini Gift Bags - Kiwi
© Copyright 2016 * Hinda J Williams * All Rights Reserved MATERIAL: Classic Scrapbook Paper by Recollections. Flowers made from card stock. Handle is shimmery vintage style metal chain. This is a adorable set of two handmade mini gift bags. KIWI I carefully constructed these bags by using four sheets of decorative scrapbook paper and folding them by hand. The bags are made from the Recollection Classic scrapbook paper. Embellished flowers adorned on both bags are handmade from cardstock centered with rhinestone. The embellished flowers are adhered to each bag securely. Inner part of gift bags is beautifully finished with a coordinating patterned design. I placed a shimmery antique style chain handle on the bags. Chain handles make these bags elegant and also gives support to a item that may have some weight. The bottom of the bag is inner lined with card board. A fun thing people do is to use my gift bags as wall decor. They place small silk flowers in the bags and hang them on the wall. You may also place a plastic container inside the bag and grow small herbal plants. They look so adorable sitting on your window seal. Use my bags to hang as ornaments with treats for different occasions. Storeage display in the bathroom for cotton balls, hair clips etc... Use your imagination. Possibilities are endless! These mini gift bags can easily hold: - chain bracelet, pendant, chain necklace, earrings - small figurine - small bottle of perfume, lip balm, eye shadow - mini note cards, decorative mini clothespins, decorative magnets - candy, tea bags MEASURES: 3-6/8" deep x 2-5/8" across x 1/2" wide (basically the gift bags are the size of a soap box)