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Cute as a button toys crafted with love

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Orange, CA
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Kristin Martinez
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I started selling my items in 2010 with the first pattern I wrote: the mermaid! In 2013 I decided to try working at a craft fair and ended up being one of the most popular vendors there! I work on projects and orders on Sundays while listening to the morning sermon (busy hands = listening ears and heart!), while my son is napping, or after he goes to bed for the night. If my husband has a question for me while I'm counting stitches, I call out a number before I answer -- and he had better remember that number! LOL Each doll takes me about 90 minutes to construct the pieces and an additional hour or so to add details, assemble, and add hair. The dolls have hundreds -- or more often, thousands -- of stitches. I LOVE working on custom requests! So far, I haven't had a request that I couldn't handle.