Part of Crowtown Mill Designs Patriotic collection. Approximately 21 inches long by 12 and 1/2 inches wide.This U.S.A. Flag says GOD BLESS AMERICA. You can personalize these Flags however you want to! I can do a beautiful address sign with your street address and name. Or,maybe, just a name for your favorite room or man cave. Also can be personalized with your business name. Send me a message about what ever you need. I will do my best to fill your needs!Each piece is a original design,hand crafted by myself.Custom hand drawn design. Freehand carved and hand painted. 21 steps required for construction. No computers or CNC equipment used. Outdoor materials used ,but for longevity of product,best kept indoors or under porch cover. Each Flag comes with sturdy hanging chain,ready to hang up and enjoy. Because each piece is completely hand crafted and distressed ,each piece is truly one of a kind and unique and collectible! Please expect one month before shipped. Because each piece is made just for you,by myself, I have no inventory. I will do my best to ship sooner if possible.