DUMORTIERITE macrame handmade necklace | crystal necklace | boho necklace | best friend gift | crystal healing
this calming DUMORTIERITE necklace is hand-knotted with smooth, strong waxed cord in silver. it is braided and fitted to the 1.5-inch one-of-a-kind stone. the slip knot ties make it fully adjustable to your desired length. handmade with love in sautee nacoochee, georgia. DUMORTIERITE PROPERTIES support | calms | patience primary chakras: throat astrological signs: leo ___________________________ jewelry care instructions: please wear your piece with care as handmade jewelry can be delicate. crystals can break or chip if handled roughly. remove jewelry before bathing or swimming. certain crystals can break down when exposed to water. to retain the beauty of your jewelry avoid contact with bleach, lotions, oils or perfumes. always store your jewelry in a safe place away from other pieces.