Infinity scarf - White Camo infinity scarf, true Timber Satin "Handmade" (7.5"x44") for Women
This is a handmade infinity scarf made from True Timber Satin. It is very soft and comfy. This beautiful white infinity scarf has a camouflage print that is just stunning. Camouflage is the season’s most wearable trend and goes with any outfit. The ends are tapered together with a flower embellishment this adds an ultimate look. Scarf is crisp clean satiny feel. Great gift for any woman, buy it today, you will love it. Measurements: Approx. 7.5" wide by 44" around. It is a double layer of fabric and the edges are finished. The seam is machine stitched for durability. Fabric placement varies. The scarf is machine washable (cold water), tumble dry low heat.