Christmas Holiday Kissing Ball Mistletoe Floral Arrangement Decoration
The kissing ball is a wonderful alternative for those looking to add more than mistletoe. This 11 Inch kissing ball is covered beautiful flowers of various colors and silver Holly Leaves. The kissing ball is a ball floral arrangement that works the same as a mistletoe. You hang this kissing ball somewhere in your home and when someone stands or walks under the kissing ball they receive a kiss! I advise hanging in a covered area so as not to ruin your beautiful Wreath. Even though the deco mesh is weather proof the rest of the materials are not. *Please note that upon arrival of this wreath, it will require a small amount of fluffing and reshaping of the ribbons. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I typically ship within 1 business day with the exception of Sunday since our post offices are closed on Sundays. If you purchase your wreath on a Saturday it will be shipped to you the following Monday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~