Red Lace Triangles
These ceramic ornaments are perfect for the crochet or yarn lover in your life (maybe that's you!). They are cast from a plaster mold of a crocheted thread doily. This item is part of a body of work produced during an apprenticeship program at a ceramic tile facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This item would look wonderful hanging in a craft or work space, and of course on a Christmas tree. **Please be advised! The glaze used on this item is LEAD based! It is intended for DECORATIVE purposes ONLY. *It should not be worn as jewelry! Constant, prolonged contact of this item with the natural oils and salts in skin may cause leeching of chemicals over time. *This item is not meant for children! The small size may pose a choking hazard. Dimensions: Approx. 1.5" in diameter, 3/8" thick Comes with ribbon to hang from.