FLORIDA - Orange Blossom Fragrance oil, 2 oz bottle, optional lamp ring diffuser
Celebrate the American spirit with our Florida Orange Blossom home fragrance oil. Fresh, citrus, floral, and fragrant., customers say these Orange Blossom candles smell like the real thing: "Just got my orange blossom body lotion and it smells scrumptious!! " "This scent is so comforting! And yet, not too overwhelming." "Smells like heaven..." "I love the scent of these tarts! I live in FL and that is the exact smell of the orange blossoms that floats in the air from the orange trees, certain times of the year. You captured it perfectly! Fast Shipping! Also thanks for the free bee!" "Smells delish! Love it!" "The smell is just intoxicating....love it...." Top notes of the fragrance feature the floral jasmine, with strong bottom notes of fresh squeezed orange. All in all, there is a strong core of clean citrus and an overall scent of complete femininity.All home fragrance oils are compatible with home warmer and fragrance options. Simply use the pour the oil or use the dropper to fill your warmer, and let the heat of the burner work for you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Products are hand poured at the time of order. Please allow three to five business days for production. Thank you!