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Originated in Indian-Indonesian regions, Coconut Palm holds tremendous economic and cultural significance in South Asian region particularly in India. Called ‘Kalpa Vriksha’ or ‘tree of life’, its versatility has led to several innovative ways in which it has been fulfilling the needs of the societies in India. Its uses range from industrial, building construction, culinary, and beauty to healthcare. The coconut fruit itself has several useful elements such as coconut water, kernel or ‘copra’, hard shell and the husk. Use of various parts of the fruit or the tree resulted in skills that got evolved over a period of the time, reflecting the culture in unique way. Southern parts of India is known for its traditional coconut shell jewellery. The traditional craft and natural material make magical fashion for modern women and men. Jewellery made from coconut material provide the tremendous artistic value of alternative but urbane taste and help get noticed. While the organic, original beauty of crafted jewellery from coconut stands out, the shells and the coir are very strong materials that last longer than some of the metals. It is also believed to have some mystical health benefits if regularly used. The fulfilment is in contributing to making this world a better place by supporting an ecological and ethnic cause. CocoMoco from Naturecraft is committed to the purpose of nature and culture. It presents carefully curated coconut fashion with designs that have universal, contemporary appeal but made using traditional craft and organic material. Thus, it connects artisans to fashionistas. While coconut is central to the idea of Coco Moco, the collection include other eco-friendly material such as bamboo, clay, jute and other medicinal plants such as Rudraksh and Tulsi. Buy Ecowear. Go Coco Moco.
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