Doll Eye Peridot Necklace
This unique, one of a kind necklace will come on an 18" brass chain with lobster claw clasp. The copper pendant measures 1 1/2" tall and across, and is 1" deep. The star of the show is the blue doll eye in the center, that opens and closes depending on the position of the pendant. It will be open when worn. A tiny green peridot is set in fine silver above the eye. The pendant is hand stamped around the border. ************************************************************************************************* To save trees and reduce production costs for me (which keeps prices as low as possible for you), I do not include a printed receipt with your purchase unless specifically asked. You can track your package and find your receipt in the Purchases & Reviews section of your Etsy profile. This gorgeous piece will come to you with free shipping, plus a free gift! I ship once a week on Saturdays. The free shipping is first class with tracking, but for another $5 I will use Priority shipping within 24 hours. Just add on the Priority Shipping upgrade at this link: Disclosure: The bones/skulls I use are from various online sellers or from roadkill I collect. Most I process myself. Since I buy from more than one seller, these bones can come from a variety of sources: found bones, bones from taxidermists, trappers & hunters, or from collectors. Bones are *not* the reason people hunt or have animals mounted and/or stuffed, they are a byproduct of these actions. It is up to you as a buyer to decide if this qualifies as an "ethically sourced" product.