Personalized Gifts that Give Back. Memorial Necklace with Donation
**These are EXAMPLES ONLY- I will make one for you from whatever scrap metal I have, and send it to you. ** This product may not be purchased with discount or coupon codes. I am a Veteran. I've also been a military spouse, and my husband was medically retired from the Army after developing an autoimmune disease. Veteran and military causes hit close to my heart. Although I don't really "do" New Year's resolutions, this year I decided that I wanted to be more giving. I'm starting with this. $5 will go to shipping fees and materials, $20 will go to Operation Homefront. They'll all be different because they're made from brass or copper scrap. You have several options. Please answer the following 3 questions in the comments section when you make your purchase. 1- stamp design. boots, a heart, a US flag, and/or up to 3 initials/letters 2- name in which the donation is made 3- choose a specific person on the Operation Homefront website to which you want to donate Feel free to mix and match the stamps. I can't guarantee everything will fit, because I'm working with scrap metal of varying shapes (as you can see in the photos). **************************************************************************** To save trees and reduce production costs for me (which keeps prices as low as possible for you), I do not include a printed receipt with your purchase unless specifically asked. You can track your package and find your receipt via Paypal. This gorgeous piece will come to you with free shipping, plus a free gift! I ship once a week on Saturdays. Disclosure: The bones/skulls I use are from various online sellers or from roadkill I collect. Most I process myself. Since I buy from more than one seller, these bones can come from a variety of sources: found bones, bones from taxidermists, trappers & hunters, or from collectors. Bones are *not* the reason people hunt or have animals mounted and/or stuffed, they are a byproduct of these actions. It is up to you as a buyer to decide if this qualifies as an "ethically sourced" product.