As long as I can remember I built things. Growing up, my family were refugees of the Vietnam War and toys weren't given to us as frequently as other children. I first learned to how make my own toys with my dad's hand saw, hammer, and nails. My finest invention was my rubber band shooter as a kid, I remember being so happy that something I made actually worked. Thinking more about it, I realize that my toys were really the tools I used. We were always taught that college and money would give us happy lives and many years I chased the dream of moving up the ladder and even opening up my own restaurant business. Unfortunately, recession hit and my business folded and so I made my attempts to take the "safe" route and try to move up the corporate ladder in retail but during my years in management there, there was a void in what I was doing that left me unhappy. Corporate restructuring eliminated my position, but it awakened an underlying calling to go back to a simpler time and focus on happiness versus money alone. I soon went back to building things. I started with a dog house for my pets, then eventually building a deck in my backyard and a raised wooden pond. It wasn't until people actually suggested that I should do that for a living that I even considered it. I enrolled into the woodworking program at a City College and few classes on woodworking, wood finishing, CNC, and Sketchup. Which lead me to here I am today in hopes to explain my passion for working with my hands and creating beautiful and functional wood products. Thank you for checking out my store! Sincerely, Paul Lam

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I accept paypal or if you dislike paypal, like I do, and all their corporate greed, email me and we can work out another payment method

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I try to keep shipping to a minimum but I also have to factor in packaging.

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I will be glad to return or exchange any item that doesn't meet your expectations minus the shipping costs.

Other Policies

Be kind to each other and pay it forward.

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