African Beauty
This doll is 100% decorative. Beautiful touch to any room, but she is well known for decorate windows. These decorative dolls are genuinely inspired in African tradition. Their outfits, hair style, skin, beauty.. Her eyes are hand painted. Mouth is also hand painted, heart shape in red. She's wearing a white African turban matching her dress. To complement the outfit, she's also wearing earrings, pearl neck less and pearl bracelet. This doll stands on its own. The white fabric is a mixed of cotton and polyester. The skin fabric is 100% cotton. Approximately dimensions are 14" x 15"h This doll that see on the picture. has been sold, so please allow 1-2 weeks to process another one. Gift wrapping is included! It's a brown paper sewn together. It has a cute envelope looking alike, and the final touch is the bow made with the same fabric as the pillow. A beautiful embellishment.