Customized Soft Doll
This beautiful personalized doll is the perfect play date company to your little one and also beautiful as a room decor. I recommend to add the buttons only for children 3 years old and up. The buttons are the embellishments added on the name. Most fabrics on this doll are 100% cotton except for the fleece ( 100% polyester). This item contains polyester fiber. The eyes are hand painted and hand embroidered as well. The mouth is also hand embroidered making this big contagious smile of her. Beside the child's name, this doll can be also customized by choosing the skin and hair color. Please let me know during the purchase, the color of the hair and skin you'd like to have. This item is 100% handmade by me with all care and love, so please allow 2-4 to be ready, depending on demands. It may take an extra time or less, but I'll always let you know precisely before starting to work on it. This doll approximately dimensions are 18" tall and 17 including open arms Wash and care - surface wash only I also have other items that matches beautifully with banner as shown on photo. Each item will be sold separately. I'm including here the links for each item like the pillow, the doll and the heart string. NAME BANNER HEART STRING FACE PILLOW