Fruit Stripe Barely-There iPhone Case + Optional Monogram
~~~~ NEW 2013 DESIGN ~~~~ A slim and chic way to protect your iPhone and make a statement. Each design is original and professionally embedded into the hard plastic \"barely there\" case so it won\'t scratch off. The design wraps around the sides of the case for a seamless look. ~~~~~ Made to Order ~~~~~ Let me know during checkout what iPhone model this case is for. OPTIONAL - Monogram: If you\'d like a monogram, leave a note with the COLOR and the LETTER in the note during checkout. (If you do not specify monogram your case will just have the design) Please allow 1-2 weeks before your iPhone case is shipped. If you need your iPhone case sooner, see the cases that are in stock and ready to ship in these sections: Items are shipped USPS First Class and take 2-3 business days to arrive. ~~~ Choose your iPhone model: ~~~ • iPhone 3 / 3S • iPhone 4 / 4S • iPhone 5 / 5S • iPhone 5C ~~~ Choose your monogram color from the last swatches image: ~~~ • Pool • Navy • Green Apple • Papaya • Hydrangea