Lg Witch Ball "Lavender Fields"
Large Witch/Spirit Ball "Lavender Fields" has shades of Purple and Lavender. History tells us negative energy got mesmerized by the glorious strands inside and gets trapped so your house is filled with only positive energy. Witch balls begin as clear recycled glass. As the ball of molten hot glass is formed, the ball is rolled into color glass granules to provide the design. These granules are added to color 50% to 70% of surface of the finished ball, allowing sunlight the to brighten the sphere, and the strands inside the ball to be visible. Each witch ball is handcrafted unique. No two are exact. Sealed so can be used as a Pond Float. Comes with a card telling the history of the Witch Ball Each Witch Ball is hand made so there may be slight differences in color which makes it unique. 6-7" size