JuJu/Witch Ball  "Mystical Dreams"
JuJu...Meaning good will, luck or a positive sentiment of well wishing and fortune. Everyone wants a bit of good JuJu. Talismans and charms have been made for millennia to either bestow good juju or to ward off bad juju. What is sometimes overlooked is that juju is karmaic in nature. The Universe sees that good deeds produce positive juju and that bad deeds are reciprocated with bad juju. The world is in need of some good JuJu. This is where we come in. Our art glass begins with the birth of an idea...a spark of imagination and creativity. Colors are meticulously chosen and combined in order to add enchantment and meaning. When ready to be created, molten glass is molded and formed to produce physically what we see so clearly in our minds. The culmination of this process is the creation our unique, breathtaking art glass. Since all of our positive energy goes in to making our unique products, each piece has a bit of Good JuJu infused within its being. So when given, to yourself or to another, Good JuJu is bestowed. Purple – The color of royalty. Highly sought after and seen as a color for the spiritually awakened, purple is also incredibly well known as an enlightened color. Incredibly mystic in nature, it can uplift, calm a busy mind and nerves and also helps awaken our third eye. Purple represents the planet Jupiter’s energies and goes hand in hand with the signs of Cancer, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Of course, bad juju is known to be a bit mischievous and sneaky. That’s where our witch balls can help. Even though all of our glass products are naturally infused with Good JuJu, this design also has threads of glass on the inside in order to catch any residual negative juju that may be lurking. Designed with bright colors in order to attract bad juju , curiosity gets the best of it and it is ultimately stuck in the strands, deemed forever harmless. Comes with a decorative Hanger. Size is approximately 3x5"