Charlie Bax

Artisan Bone & Copper Ware for Home

Located In
Burbank, CA
Owned By
Heather Crowe
Store Details
Created, designed and built by Chicago native Heather Crowe, Charlie Bax is named after her first true love and the one who reminded her every day that life is about giving more than we take, Charlie (^). Charlie Bax is an artisan based company built on the premise of nothing but pure love and a bizarre passion for up-cycling animal bone - particularly cow femur bone. Crowe's growing expansion of bone ware derives from raw femur bones sourced from Jim's Fallbrook Market in Woodland Hills CA, and discarded bones (thus sparking the idea of turning unused bone into bone ware) at farm to table restaurants in LA and Chicago. WASTE-LESS The marrow from the femur bones is extracted and baked into dog treats. The treats are donated to Soledad Goat Sanctuary - a no kill animal rescue farm that now makes artisan vegan cheese and has about 15-20 rescued dogs on their property. Charlie Bax is now incredibly proud to be sponsoring the gorgeous Henrietta - a rescued hen that now lives at The Soledad Sanctuary.