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North Fork, CA
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CK Dunn
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FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ROCKS ROLLING AROUND IN THEIR HEAD, THIS IS THE SHOP! My sons were my inspiration when I first started painting on rocks. We lived high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and had snow for probably 7-months out of the year! I started painting little rock people that I thought looked like them (thank goodness they didn't) and it took off from there! I have done other crafts, dough art, macrame, ceramics, wood carving, jewelry and sewing, but I always come back to the rocks! I have sold my work here locally and at crafts fairs as far away as Morro Bay, California, but my husband and I finally decided the rocks were too hard on both our backsides, plus they weren't comfortable as chairs! Ha! Ha! I love to sit down, put on a favorite movie or show, pick up a rock and paint! Its good for my soul and makes me smile! C.C. Dunn