Summer Necklace, "Blue Skies Bird" Necklace, Beach Necklace
BLUE SKIES BIRD NECKLACE: An earthy combination of natural wood beads, recycled silk fiber and porcelain blue bird. Sandy colored and natural colored wood beads adorn this blue bird. This blue bird hangs from a recycled imported silk fiber. Exceptional quality wood beads. Tie up. Total length of necklace from one end of cord to the other is 37 inches. A little bit of information about this special silk fiber... This NEW Fair Trade Recycled/Reclaimed Sari silk is made in a small co-op in northeast India by the women working in the factories. These are the remnants of fabric that has been used to design silk clothing. It is gathered and sewn together to create strands of silk ribbon. It is not perfect but that is what gives it it's uniqueness! A necklace designed for Summer wear and beach wear. Designed in Miami, Florida.