Emoji Wrapped Hershey's Miniatures-assorted pack of 40-can be personalized for any occasion
Hershey's Miniatures come wrapped with a personalized candy bar wrapper. There are 4 styles of emoji and each pack of 40 will contain an assortment (10 of each style) of all of the styles. The assorted pack of 40 Hershey's Miniatures will come wrapped in the wrappers and ready to go. These candy bars come in packs of 40, so when ordering, please keep in mind that you will receive 40 assorted Hershey's miniatures wrapped in emoji candy wrappers. ****This is a personalized product--you will receive a message from the seller regarding the personalization of this item. Please know that I do not print or ship anything without customer approval, so please reply to any messages you receive from the seller.****