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A beautifully crafted segmented kids step stool built to withstand the everyday use of a toddler. Made, like everything else we have, with love and the knowledge of making great pieces that last. We are always sure to use quality materials to ensure everything can be regularly used and last for years to come. We stain and polyurethane the steps to ensure durability and add a wonderful aesthetic. We also use several coats of paint to ensure the stool can hold up its appeal for years as well. (Pictured in Dark Walnut/Rustic White) DIMENSIONS: 12 inches tall, 12 inches wide, 14 inches from front to back. Each step is segmented and 7 inches deep. The first step is 6 inches off the ground and the second step is 12 inches off the ground. All pieces are made by hand and will have subtle variances but will be beautiful nonetheless. *If you'd like a different size, feel free to contact me!* Be sure to check out all our other great items as well @