Toddler Step Stool / Single Step / Kid Step Stool / Wooden Step Stool / Rustic Step Stool / Kitchen Step Stool / Bathroom Step Stool
This beautiful little step stool is built to last. Both solid and sturdy, this piece can make it through the everyday use of your toddler. With many different color options, you can find a color that will work for you. Great for an extra step in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. The entire stool is either painted or stained to your preference, then coated in polyurethane. This piece is durable and can handle everyday wear and tear. DIMENSIONS: 8 inches tall, 11.5 inches wide, 7.25 inches from front to back. *all are made to order and will have subtle differences, but be beautiful none the less* Be sure to check out all of our other great items as well @