Chocolate Lovers Creamy Soft Fudge - FREE SHIPPING
Homemade Fudge Lovers Fudge FREE SHIPPING WITH THIS ITEM I've been selling baked goods on ebay for a while now. I usually make and sell Low Carb Goodies. But before I started the Low Carb Items. I was known for my Cookies and Candies. I decided to offer a few of my regular items to those of you that are not on diets. You will receive Appox. 3 and a half pounds ( if nuts are added ) of the best home made fudge you have ever tasted. I've been making this for 30 years. Taught to me by my mother from an old family recipe. This fudge is rich, creamy, soft and absolutely melts in your mouth. Perfect blend of chocolate---Just right, not to sweet and not to bitter. You choose......Plain-Walnut-Pecan-ect My Fudge is made one batch at a time, for that perfect taste. It's been my experience that when you buy candy or cookies from a larger company, where they make huge batches at a time, and buy cheap, bulk ingredients....Something in the taste and quality is missing.. My fudge is the best around. You won't be disappointed. Give it a try. To view all my products and feedback visit my shop