Low Carb CHOCOLATE DRIZZLED Peanut Butter Cookies
LOW CARB CHOCOLATE DRIZZLED PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES I have been cooking low carb specialties for over a year now. I CAN ALSO OFFER YOU REGULAR COOKIES MADE WITH SUGAR INSTEAD OF SPLENDA....THEY WILL HAVE A HIGHER CALORIE AND CARB COUNT To view all my products and feedback visit my shop http://stores.ebay.com/Carolyns-Cooking-Creations My Husband has lost 70 pounds on this diet. The trouble with any diet is the SWEET TOOTH. It will get you everytime. I have the solution. These cookies are wonderful. 2.1 carbs per cookie. YES- 2.1 Carbs. I Use Real Peanut Butter, Splenda, Vanilla, Eggs Real Semi Sweet Chocolate NO FLOUR In These Cookies. You Get 3 Dozen 1 Inch Cookies - That's 36 cookies. Shipping -SORRY- SHIPPING RATES HAVE INCREASED - OUT OF MY CONTROL Why Bother with mixes or those unflavored premade packaged ones. Everyone Knows That HOMEMADE Is Better. Made Fresh The Day Of Shipping One Batch At A Time. Shipped Priority For Freshness.