LOW CARB Chocolate Mixed Varieties
This Package Contains Low Carb Chocolate Varieties. All Delicious YOU DECIDE Which One Is Your Favorite So You Can Order A Whole Batch Of Your Favorite One. Here's What You Get .... 12--- Low Carb Chocolate Cookies...1 carb per cookie 6 --- Low Carb Chocolate Covered Cherries... 2.5 carbs per candy 6 --- Low Carb Nut Clusters...3.5 carbs per candy 6 --- Low Carb Coconut Chews...6 carbs per candy You Can See A Better Picture And Description Of Each Cookie By Checking Out My Other Items And Clicking On The Individual Items. Check out my other items! I Use Real Chocolate Splenda, Vanilla, Eggs, Fresh Nuts and Coconut, Cherries Everyone Knows That HOMEMADE Is Better. Shipped right to your door, place of business or as a gift Made Fresh The Day Of Shipping One Batch At A Time. Shipped Priority For Freshness.