LOW CARB CHOC.Drizzled Thumbprint Peanut Butter Cookies
LOW CARB Chocolate Drizzled THUMBPRINT PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES I'M EXCITED TO ADD THESE COOKIES TO MY SELECTION OF LOW CARB GOODIES. I LOVE CHOCOLATE A CHANGE IS NICE. THESE TASTED SO REFRESHING, AND I'M SURE YOU WILL AGREE. Made With Your Choice Of Strawberry Peach Apricot Raspberry Blackberry Sugar Free Jam To view all my products and feedback visit my shop http://stores.ebay.com/Carolyns-Cooking-Creations . JUST LET ME KNOW WHICH YOU PREFER. I have been cooking low carb specialties for over a year now. My Husband has lost 70 pounds on this diet. The trouble with any diet is the SWEET TOOTH. It will get you everytime. I have the solution. These cookies are wonderful. 2.3 carbs per cookie. YES- 2.3 Carbs. I Use Real Peanut Butter, Splenda, Vanilla, Eggs Sugar Free Jam. NO FLOUR In These Cookies. You Get 3 Dozen 1 Inch Cookies - That's 36 cookies. Why Bother with mixes or those unflavored premade packaged ones. Everyone Knows That HOMEMADE Is Better. Made Fresh The Day Of Shipping One Batch At A Time. Shipped Priority For Freshness.