Calm Down Box
Research shows that tools like our Calm Down Boxes support the growth and development of coping methods for children of ALL AGES and ABILITIES strengthening their overall Social and Emotional Learning. Our boxes are meant to be easy to take where ever you go. They are perfect for little hands to carry where ever they go because we know that stressful situations can pop out of nowhere. They are durable, easy to clean, easy to use by children of all ages, and easy to store. They are perfect for homes, classrooms, restaurants, doctor's offices, cars, buses, airplanes, get the idea. So What Are Calm Down Boxes? Epiphany's Calm Down Boxes help children self-regulate their emotions and actions by providing tools that: - Promote mindfulness and cognitive problem solving. - Offer alternative solutions to reflexive response. - Encourage children to consider natural consequences of their actions. - Help children generate solutions to a problem. - Help children filter information about an event. - Allow children to focus attention on less threatening event/activity if having difficulty adjusting. - Lessen the impact of stressful or difficult situations.