By Alisha Mae

Hand crafted crocheted items!

Located In
Mountain Top, PA
Owned By
Alisha Hoffman-Mirilovich
Store Details
By Alisha Mae focuses on crocheted items inspired by Alisha’s childhood. “My mother and grandmother both made crocheted blankets and my aunt knits,” Alisha remembered. “I remember that my mother was always working on a blanket, but I also try new patterns and colors like my grandmother did when I was going up.” In addition, her grandmother also made hanging towels, which is the bulk of what By Alisha Mae sells. Their towels are cotton as are the crocheted tops, so they shrink together in the wash. “Some people use acrylic yarn for the tops, which stretches over time and doesn't shrink, making for a long and sad looking towel,” Alisha clarifies. Additionally, she sews the tops onto the towel rather than poking holes in the towels. “Sewing into the towel prevents fraying,” Alisha explains. By Alisha Mae also sells crochet dishcloths, which are inspired by the knit dishcloths that Alisha’s aunt makes. In addition, Alisha is constantly trying new designs and patterns. “I have tried scarves, capes, hats, and even stuffed dolls,” she says. The goal of By Alisha Mae is quality, which can easily be seen in her products.