Country Home Decor, "Rustic Home Decor", Rustic Coffee Table, "FREE SHIPPING"
"Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table", Country Home Décor, "Rustic Home Décor", Rustic Coffee Table with Deer Head inlay, perfect for the outdoorsman and or cabin décor. The table top pattern is hand routed from birch ply to maintain the rustic feel and look of the piece. This is followed by hand cut red and white oak to form a puzzle pattern that makes up the deer head inlay and sanded smooth to lay perfectly flush with the table top to enhance the depth of the image when finished. The shading and detail is than hand etched in order to bring the resulting image to life. The table legs, skirts and frame are hand crafted from reclaimed barn wood. Corners, cracks, and rough tear out from years of use have been shaped and sanded out to a smooth velvet finish that is soft to the touch but still highlights the rustic nature of the salvaged wood. All surfaces are than prepped, hand sanded, lightly stained and finished with 5 coats of varnish. Colors may vary slightly due to the organic nature of the salvaged wood but the finished product will never disappoint. This item is a custom piece so feel free to message me and we can talk about any changes and/or substitutions and I will be happy to accommodate you.