10 Triplet Baby Shower Favors. Pink and Kraft Paper Favors. Fresh Roasted Coffee Favors. Embossed Favors. Handmade. Thank You
These darling handmade, gold embossed baby shower favors are perfect for your family and friends. 2 ounces of fresh medium roasted coffee, which will make one full pot of coffee. One day prior to shipping, coffee will be roasted for optimal freshness. Our coffee is slow-roasted to ensure a beautifully balanced, smooth coffee that is never bitter even when roasted to the dark side. The kraft paper bag is embossed by hand one at a time and lovingly tied with gold twine. There is a four day turn-around time on all favors. Custom personalization is extra and will require a turn around time of two weeks. If you're interested in customizing your favors, please send me a message so we can go over details and pricing.