100 Custom Elegant Wedding Favors. Elegant Handmade Wedding Favors. Fresh Roasted Coffee.
Attention: Wedding and Baby Shower season is upon us. Due to the high demand for special occasion favors, from June 10-August 10, there will be a two-week turnaround on all orders placed in our Etsy Shop, on our Buffalo Mountain website, and via PayPal. 100 Elegant and unique wedding favors for your upcoming big day. Each wedding favor contains 2 ounces of coffee which will make a full pot of coffee. The white paper bag is affixed with a customized label, the inner bag filled with delicious coffee and lovingly tied with white ribbon. One day prior to shipping, coffee will be roasted to ensure optimal freshness. Our coffee is slow-roasted for a beautifully balanced, smooth coffee that is never bitter even when roasted to the dark side.