Leather Concho and Scarf Set
Like many, you’re probably asking yourself ”what’s a concho?” Fair question. Unless you’re from the southwest, you’ve probably never seen or heard of a concho. Conchos are, typically, used as embellishments for leather products such as belts. Originally, they were created by southwestern Native Americans. Many, if not all, of the original conchos were made of silver and were hammered into flat discs. My “conchos” are loosely based on those early “bits of flair”. ____________________________________________________________________________________ SPECS: Concho size: 3.5 inches in diameter Concho color: Cayenne Red Concho material: Nappa leather/ 7oz. Strap leather Scarf size: 6.25 x 56.25 inches Scarf color: Vintage Indigo with white dot accents Scarf material: 100% cotton Chambray CARE: -Scarf: Gently hand wash and hand dry -Concho: Wipe clean with damp cloth. DO NOT submerge in water PACKAGING: -Box -Bubble mailer ____________________________________________________________________________________ NOTES TO THE BUYER: -Please remember that the actual color of the product may not be properly represented due to varying monitor settings. -Due to the nature of fine leather and suede, there may be occasions when minor color transfer occurs. These occasions are more likely in wet conditions. -CAUTION- these items are NOT toys and may pose a choking hazard. -This listing is for one leather concho and one scarf -Handbag and other props are not included -Thanks for choosing Bruelay! ------PIONEERING SPIRIT COLLECTION ------