Red Ten Bead Blessing Counter - Live Courageously
"Live Courageously" You Get 1 blessing counter | Good deed counter - Crafted by Briana Blair Features 10 beads for counting Woven on cotton cord With each act of kindness, wish or prayer, slide a bead toward the end of the counter. Upon reaching the end, you can slide all the beads back, or simply work your way back in the other direction. Sometimes called sacrifice beads, blessing beads or wish beads, these counters allow you to keep track of how many acts of kindness you have performed in a day, how many blessings you have received, or to count wishes you’d like fulfilled. Dimensions 4.5″ L x .5″ W Correspondences Color Red: love, passion, sexuality, strength, vitality, survival, fertility, courage, action, fire, independence, willpower, magnetism Component Cotton: healing, luck, protection, rain magic, purification Materials Cotton thread, acrylic beads, acrylic accents