White Ash Brass and Bronze Japa Mala - Woodland Prayers
"Woodland Prayers" You Get: 1 Japa Mala | Mala necklace - Crafted by Briana Blair Features Lobster claw clasp. Bronze Om pendant. Unpolished natural wood beads. Uniquely designed to make counting easier. The cord is woven through the beads so that they move along the length of the strand. Begin at one end and pull each bead toward your counting hand. Once you reach the end, flip the strand over and begin again. This strand has 54 beads and must be counted twice for a full 108 repetitions. Used for meditation, to count mantras, and can also be used for counting magical chants or wishes. Dimensions 23.25″ L (pendant 1.5″ L x .38″ W) Correspondences Color Brown: blessing, animal/pet magic, earth magic, concentration, stability, locating lost objects, construction, food, finances Gold: masculinity, luxury, power, success, confidence, creativity, divinity, abundance, solar magic, justice, health, attraction, energy, strength, mental ability Component Brass: money, attraction, protection Bronze: grounding, neutrality, fairness, protection, strength White Ash: mental focus and balance, communication, intelligence, wisdom, curiosity, spiritual love, health, protection against unwanted change Cotton: healing, luck, protection, rain magic, purification Materials White Ash beads, brass loops, brass caps, bronze beads, bronze pendant, brass lobster claw clasp, cotton floss