Hand Painted Portable Wood Goddess Altar - The Four Elements
"The Four Elements" You Get: 1 handcrafted pine goddess altar - Crafted by Briana Blair Features This altar is made of a solid pine plank with oak feet underneath. Cut, shaped and constructed by hand. All art is hand painted. This piece is not coated in sealant. The center of the altar has a golden goddess pentacle encircled by red roses. Each corner of the altar bears a symbol for one of the four elements. On the left and right are two ravens and symbols for the god and goddess. This is a used item. I made it for myself and have owned it for many years. This was one of my first altars. It has some dings and minor wax drips on the surface. It’s now time for this altar to find a loving new home. Dimensions 18″ L x 9.19″ W x 1.38″ H – legs are .69″ high Component Properties Pine: healing, protection, fertility, prosperity, exorcism, cleansing Materials pine, acrylic paint