Rustic Leather Clutch with Hand Strap and Nickel Rivets and Nickel Swivel Clasp by Bret Cali Handmade Leather Purse
This is a single pocket clutch purse with nickel rivets and a swivel closure. The strap is on the back and allows your hand to slip through it perfectly. I will be making this for you from Scratch. Your leather clutch will be just like the one in the picture. I will be using the same full grain leather. I am always searching for the best leather and the leather I used to make this clutch is some of the finest I have come across in a long time. I will have this made and shipped within 3 days. If you need me to make it a bit larger that is no problem. Clutch Measurements: 9" Across 5 & 1/2" Tall I make every item I sell without machines. Support Artists not Factories.